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Probate Property Solicitors, Sales and Services

One of the Services Finders International offers its professional service customers is rapid and efficient property sale and service for property for every probate in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Quick sale makes it easier for property to be correctly evaluated and distributed. We can also arrange the content in a house or apartment to be valued.

The key features in our sales and service with probate property is:

  • Organisation of local REALTOR sales through a single point of contact, which saves your business time and money.
  • Online or physical auctions to super-quick sale and a proactive account to increase a property value before the sale.

Cash buyers through the lasting power of attorney system

If it fits to your customers, we also have a list of approved cash buyers, who also can speed up the process.

The initial market valuations and valuation reports in respect of the property is free, and our services include measures to ensure the property safe. We give you instant tom property insurance and have the locks changed if necessary. Alarm adjustment is also standard, and we will clarify property clearance, including biofarer.

This service is available 24/7.

Will Writing

Danny Curran, founder and ceo of Finders International, says: “some years ago, we worked on a case in which the contents of the House contained hundreds of Dinky model cars-some of them in their original packaging, and it subsequent sale added thousands of pounds to the property. It was needless to say that the recipients were happy.

“We often work on cases in which the deceased person’s House is jamfyldt with goods and chattels. It can be difficult for family members or lawyers to know where to start when it comes to clear the square, ready to be sold, but we are working together with some of the best husklasse services in the country, and their services include valuations of what they find. What may look like a lot of unnecessary clutter can prove to be very valuable and add substantial amounts to a property.

“Our services offers complete transparency in processes to ensure full compliance and to contentads for administrators, executors and beneficiaries.”

If you want to refer to a property for quick disposal or book an initial valuation with your will writing solicitor here in the UK