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I recently pointed out a formatting problem where “Quality” in “High Quality” was  “hanging” on its own line, and recommended moving “High” down to accompany it. I’ve had multiple requests to explain how to do this without creating a new paragraph (as would happen if you hit “enter” right before “High” to move it to the next line).  In MS Word, there are two simple ways to do this.

You could use Shift-Space to put a non-breaking space between “High” and “Quality.” Non-breaking spaces are treated like a letter, so “High Quality” with such a space between the words will be moved around as a single unit. This is also an excellent thing to do between any two words that you don’t want to be separated during document formatting; for example, I always use them after abbreviated titles like “Mrs.” or “Dr.”

Another way to insert a line break without starting a new paragraph is to type Shift-Enter where you want the break to appear (after “and” in this example). This moves all following text to the next line while keeping it part of the same paragraph.

Commands like this should be in your repertoire, or at least your secretary’s. They may seem like a hassle to learn, but you will use them pretty much every time you write or edit a brief, and they will save you time and trouble in the long run.

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