Summer Briefwriting Institute

It’s summertime, the season in which many law students come to firms for a couple of months to experience what it’s like to be an associate there. At Hollingsworth, that means that it’s time for the Summer Briefwriting Institute.

With the summer associates and many other lawyers at the firm, we’ll be working through the four steps of editing a legal brief, which have been discussed on this site.

Brief editing step one: make sure that the big picture is clear.

Brief editing step two: ensure that each section advances the argument.

Brief editing step three: attend to the structure of each section.

Brief editing step four: line editing.

We’ll be working with this brief, which is entirely a product of my imagination but is as good as a lot of briefs filed in courts everywhere every day. I encourage you to download it and follow along; working through the steps. Print the brief, reread step one, and make your first-round edits. Next week I’ll show you what we did here.

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