This is a blog about creating winning legal briefs. Any aspect of briefwriting and brief editing may be covered.

My name is Kirby Griffis. I’m a partner at the DC litigation firm Hollingsworth LLP. The majority of our work is for industry-leading international corporations. We handle all types of litigation, such as product liability, drug and device, toxic torts, banking, government contracts, environmental, takings, and policyholder-side insurance litigation. In addition to litigation we provide a number of related services to our clients to help them cope with or avoid litigation, including regulatory counseling and handling internal investigations.

Our clients commonly hire us because they expect cases to go to trial. The briefs that we generate thus cover every stage of litigation: initial Rule 12(b)(6) motions practice, discovery motions, Daubert and summary judgment motions, motions in limine and trial briefs, Rule 50 motions, and appellate briefing. We’ve litigated cases – and filed briefs – in state and federal courts across the country.

You won’t see the firm’s work product on this blog, however. Our clients aren’t hiring us to share it on the internet, and though most of them probably wouldn’t mind, there’s no need to use our own work product to illustrate how to write briefs and edit them. The brief-editing samples used in this blog come from briefs that have  recently been filed in cases of national interest (to practitioners, at least) in many of our areas of practice. They are used to show ways that the briefing could have been made better.

I learned most of the good things in this blog from the many excellent writers at Hollingsworth LLP; any bad ideas are mine alone.